Established in 1858, Alexanders are Glasgow’s leading Town & Country Specialists, focussing on Equestrian, Pet, Bird and Country Supplies.


Generations of the Alexander family have been immersed in the lives of their customers and livestock and a friendly, caring, expert and personal service has become the company’s stock in trade.



Located at Dripps Mill in Waterfoot, just south of Glasgow, Alexanders stock a huge range of animal-related feed, bedding, accessories and country supplies. The premises are registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and the Animal Medicines Regulatory Authority, allowing animal medicines (including Horse, Dog & Cat Wormers) to be supplied. On site milling also means freshly milled products like rolled oats are available to customers.
For country enthusiasts, Alexanders are the number one choice for feed, equipment and associated supplies.

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